What is SAP?SAP the company was established in Germany in 1972 by five former IBM engineers. In case you're always asked, SAP stands for Systeme, Andwendungen, Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung which - translated into English - means Systems, Applications, Products in Data Processing.
SAP is an INTEGRATED business software to process all functionalities of an industry in order to achieve a UNIFIED solution.The SAP R/3 Architecture enterprise application suite for open client/server systems has discovered new standards for producing business information management solutions. The original SAP approach was to present users with the ability to interact with a general corporate database for a large range of applications. Constantly, the applications have been gathered and today many corporations, including IBM and Microsoft, are utilizing SAP products to run their own companies. SAP product is considered great but not excellent. The main difficulties with the software products are tha…